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Essay by Brennan Mesa, 3rd grade

Posted on: March 15, 2017

Essay Bull Shark

By Brennan Mesa

Did you know Bull Sharks live up to 20 years? My animal is a Bull Shark. Bull Sharks are fish. Bull Sharks have blue and white skin. Bull Sharks have gills and that’s how they breath. Bull sharks can go from 7-11.5 feet long. Bull sharks have live babies. Bull sharks have twins every time they have babies.

Bull sharks have adapted to life in the ocean because they have a lot of places to swim and they have a lot of food to eat. Bull sharks live in the ocean.The Bull shark’s habitat has a lot of predators and a lot of life. Bull sharks are found in the oceans of North America, South America, Africa,    Australia.

Bull sharks are carnivores because they only eat meat. Bull sharks can hide and once they see their prey they swim out and eat. Other animals eat Bull sharks. Bull sharks can live up to 30 years. Bull sharks are not endangered or extinct. Bull sharks breath out of their gills on the side of them.The thing I like most about Bull sharks is how sharp their teeth are.